Automate your LG G4 Using Smart Settings

See how you can automate few simple tasks like changing sound profile, turning on Wi-Fi on the LG G4 using the built-in option of Smart Settings.

LG G4 comes with an added feature of Smart Settings using which you can get specific things done or launch an app based upon your location or the accessory you connect to your phone. You can set up a home and an away (office) location and then use actions like changing volume profile or changing the Wi-Fi state.

You also got actions like connecting Bluetooth headset or a wired headphone and then launch an app of your choice. These settings takes away few of the manual task from daily life and makes your LG G4 smartphone really smart.

Note: If you are not able to select your home and office location under My Places in settings, make sure you have a cellular data plan active and you turn it on. The location mode also needs to be set to high accuracy.

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