Completely Copy One Android to Another using CLONEit

Switching your old Android phone with a new one? Easily copy all the data from one Android to Another using CLONEit.

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CLONEit is a free app for Android using which you can completely copy all the data from your old Android phone to a new one hassle free. As the app starts a private hotspot for the receiving device to connect, you don’t need to rely on data cables, computer or even a Wi-Fi hotspot nearby.

The app will not only copy your contacts and messages to the new phones, but will also help you with photos, videos, apps and even the Android settings you had on the previous phone. Even the wallpaper you use will be copied to the new phone.

CLONEit’s batch install script automates the app installation after the transfer is done. So, even if you have a dozen of apps, it will be installed automatically without breaking a sweat.

The app is free to use without any limitations and works on all the Android phones out there.

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